What She Knows

“Enabling individuals to contribute autonomously
to powerful collaborations”

Collaboration is the new black. But Elise shakes it up and serves it with a twist of autonomy.

Autonomy is about finding your element – your authentic self and not allowing this to be submerged under the amorphous tide of conformity.

Elise’s research has uncovered the Autonomy Collaboration Paradox – the key to surviving in volatile and uncertain times such as these.

As an author, keynote speaker and mentor Elise shows how retaining, even ramping up your essential self is the key to high performing collaborations – the sort that result in seismic.

Elise is an expert in creating leaders and cultures that enable people to be the best they can be.

Her programs are based on current evidence, including her own research into change, culture, collaboration and autonomy. She has successfully translated her research across the health and aged care sectors, into government and the corporate world.

“Pushing Boundaries”


Elise loves change and growth – she is a career nomad.

Throughout her working life she has moved from clinician, to manager, senior advisor in government and now works in the health, aged care and corporate sectors. She believes that no job will give you more security than what you can find within yourself. So invest in you and find out what really makes you tick.

Elise has an intimate understanding of the strategies needed to move on, make a change and re-engineer yourself, your team or your organisation. She gets that it takes courage to make the leap of faith needed to seize the opportunities that inevitable come from change.



Elise is in her element working with individuals and teams to find the courage to be the best they can be; to do whatever it takes to lead a purposeful life, and make a difference.

With a PhD in Nursing, Elise has a special interest in advancing nursing through extending the nursing profession’s scope of practice and influence by developing their leadership skills and power and advancing their clinical skills in rural and isolated practice and aged care.



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