Equine Empowerment Program

An experience that connects heart and mind, exposes unconscious biases and breaks through blocks that keep your or your team stuck.


  • Are you building a new team, life, or leadership style?

  • Are you at a decision point in your life, wanting to make a significant transition?

  • Do you want to find and stand in your own power?

  • Do you want to become a more inspiring leader?

  • Do want to explore your own power as a leader and develop a style that is empowering?

  • Are you struggling to connect with those around you, and have them hear what you need to say?

  • Bare you simply bored with the normal ‘team building’ approaches that don’t go anywhere or make any real difference?

If you want an experience that connects heart and mind, exposes unconscious biases, unchallenged assumptions, and hidden brilliance and breaks through blocks that keep you or your team stuck, then Equine Empowered Facilitation is for you.


Equine Empowered Facilitation

Operating on a completely non-verbal, energetic level, horses have the power to tell us what we are emitting, even when we are total unconscious of this. They show us how our thinking and behaviour impacts on those around us, and guide us, gently to becoming better, more empathetic human beings.

There is no judgment, no agenda – just trust and truth. Nowhere was this more evident than when my 15.2 hand high, 600 kg giant, Monty, gently followed and cared for the most fearful of our group and showed her how courageous she was.

The gentle connection and acceptance that these great animals demonstrate when people are open, exposed and even raw shows us humans how to be better people. We all operate on this energetic level – we only need to open our hearts and our consciousness to feel it.

Who would benefit?


This Program is ideal for any new or evolving team, such as project teams, Organisational teams of Boards of Management wanting to create cohesion, trust and a shared purpose. It is also perfect for existing teams that want to move to another level, resolve old conflicts and re-engineer and re-invigorate themselves.

This Program provides a safe and trusting space to challenge old paradigms, conventions and the things that stop individuals from bring their best to the team. It sets the ground to nurture cohesion and a new culture, to set clear expectations and compelling new directions.

This Program allows teams to build trust, explore how vulnerability opens us to new possibilities, higher levels of connection and learning. The Program creates the team dynamics and culture that allows its members to express their passions, their fears, their strengths, their motivations and the aspirations. They gain real insights into how best to engage and interact to support each other to bring out their best. You just cannot achieve this dynamic in a classroom, a boardroom or a conference room! It is about putting everyone in the same space, on the same level, removing all of the trappings that artificially define who we are in a team.


The greatest tool a leader has is their ability to connect with the people they lead. Creating this connection is almost entirely dictated by the leaders level of self-empowerment – their congruence, conviction and courage to lead a cause.

Equine Empowered Facilitation provides powerful insights into our levels of self-empowerment and challenges us to be true – to be authentic, clear and passionate. It exposes our own unconscious biases and assumptions, and our leadership and communication styles. Armed with this insight leaders are equipped to amplify their leadership impact – they set their blue print for empowering their leadership.


The Equine Empowered Facilitation Program provides a safe space to explore your own aspirations, communication style, and the things that may be getting in your way. Working with horses helps you truly connect with yourself, which then helps you more naturally and powerfully connect with others.

It tests your boundaries, your thinking and your assumptions about what could be keeping you stuck – shatters these to open up a new world of possibilities. It empowers you to take the steps you need to take to realise your dreams, aspiration and your best self. It provides clarity and grounding.

What others have said

“It really helped me to reconnect with myself and interestingly because I felt more connected to myself, I found it really easy to connect to others.”

“I didn’t know what the day held and was a little worried about that – but then I got there and realised that it was better than I could possibly have imagined.”

“I am scared of horses!! But the horses supported the learning environment – you have to be authentic around horses – they know if you are not.”

“I was a bit apprehensive before I git there – I wondered whether I’d get anything out of it and was apprehensive about going on an emotional journey. But it was amazing what you find out about yourself – and no-one judges you or laughs at you – you feel safe.”


“The biggest highlight for me was connecting with myself and the horse – YES it does work and it does clarifies things!”

“I realised that I can do something to help myself.”


“I was out of my comfort zone but without any anxiety”


“Thank you for such a wonderful day. I loved your facilitation style. You really set a lovely pace and vibration which set the whole day up for success.”


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