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 Divine timing has sent these words on angel wings just as I needed them. Resonating within me now is “ The things I can’t control, I can let go. I feel that I am becoming absolutely liberated from the need for the perfect ending or result. I can allow life to unfold as it does without feeling disappointed”. Thank you Elise. My own insecurity of “letting go” has made my road tiresome. And I have just recently been realising ‘what is your happy ending Sarah?’ It is as simple as your words have pointed out.
Sarah Figgins

On Elise’s book, Laying Bare the Power of You

One of your mentees presented about the project to her peer leaders in the department yesterday and she did a great job. She seems to be a good pupil, often quoting you and seeming quietly confident with how the changes are progressing. Thanks so much for the support you have given her and the Change Champs! There is some learning for others about change methodology, it doesn’t always seem to go has smoothly! … thanks again for developing our leaders so magnificently.
Janelle Bryce

On the effect of Elise’s Executive Coaching for Managers and Executives

On Elise’s book, Laying Bare the Power of  You: I absolutely loved it! And l am not just saying that. l found it really easy to read and could relate to a lot of your examples. I would like to thank you for passing it on as even the first 20 pages had an impact on me.
Angela Mellos

On Elise’s book, Laying Bare the Power of You

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