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Clinical Leaders – Are you open to external review?

External influence – networking The Duckett Report “Targeting Zero” which was triggered by a series of clinical events in a Victoria hospital emphasised how critical it is to have external review to assure that the informaiton, practices and assumotions that form the basis for care is best practice.   Given that information and evidence is growing at an exponential rate, it is safe to assume that one team, clinician or manager cannot remain current unless they are accessing new ideas, new information, evidence and new perspectives from outside as much as possible.  But it is a really challenge.  Managers and clinicians are so busy doing the work that they can’t find time to stop and reflect on whether the work they are doing is effective or even still relelvant.  Time gets away from you and before you know it, it is 10 years down the track and you are still practicing or managing in exactly the same way as you did way back when….   This is not OK – it leads to a very insular view of the world and even parochialism, which as we have seen can result in catastrophic outcomes for patients, staff and healthcare organisations.   I am convinced that this applies as much to managers as it does to clinicians.  I have noticed that the nursing leaders who are the most progressive, and make the greatest impression and impact in their organisations and the system, are the ones that get out and build supportive networks that extend well beyond their friendship groups and their organisations.  Nursing executives have formed powerful groups that meet regularly...