Who She Helps

Elise works with individuals, teams and organisations in the corporate,
health, and aged care sectors.

Elise Works with Individuals

  • People who are wanting to transition personally or professionally.
  • People who are looking to ramp up their influence and personal self-empowerment
  • Individuals looking to define their best selves and the lives they need to live it.


Elise Works with Teams

  • Teams wanting to improve their coherence, collaboration and performance.
  • Teams wanting to develop their synergistic problem solving and decision-making capacity.


Elise Works with Organisations

  • Organisations wanting to amplify their leadership team’s impact, and drive sustained transformation.

Autonomy is about finding your element – your authentic self and not allowing this to be submerged under the amorphous tide of conformity.

Following are some of the organisations that Elise has worked with:


One of your mentees presented about the project to her peer leaders in the department yesterday and she did a great job. She seems to be a good pupil, often quoting you and seeming quietly confident with how the changes are progressing. Thanks so much for the support you have given her and the Change Champs! There is some learning for others about change methodology, it doesn’t always seem to go has smoothly!

… thanks again for developing our leaders so magnificently. Janelle Bryce

(Executive Coaching for Managers and Executives)

Well presented and engaging. Nice to know you have a nursing background and know exactly what we are talking about. I like the new ideas and processes and think the changes will be great for our workplace. Absolutely fantastic, – great to see so many involved – let’s hope the message gets across. I think the checklist will help. Fiona Miller

Found that residents are happier, more settled…Reinvented/invigorated…attitude change – more confidence to speak up and offer ideas… thinking outside the square…

I loved the group interaction, we all felt quite comfortable discussing our issues and how we could resolve them. I learned a lot from the group for this reason. The topics were all very relevant to me as a manager and even though some of them have been presented at other forums I found myself learning more and coming away with a better understanding; particularly change mgmt. I also learned not just from yourself but from the other managers – there were some great ideas shared.

Elise is concise, clear and importantly she knows what she is talking about. Eve McCarren

The importance of continuously improving not only ourselves, but the workplace…The ideas to help facilitate change.

Fantastic day! Very informative and relevant to our place. Gained a greater perspective on person-centered care and how I can help our place to achieve this. Thanks for such a great day!! Suzanna Rice

Self-satisfaction…knowledge and the ability to set up trials, evaluate outcomes…

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