“Elise helps you realise your best self by encouraging you to empower yourself, transform, and push your boundaries.”

Career transitions up and out of organisations

Fish jumpingElise is an absolute expert at making major career transitions having moved from nursing, into management, from health and aged care into government and academia. She was a senior advisor in government and has operated her own successful business (Australian Academy of Clinical Leadership developing and delivering leadership and management programs).Ā  She is the Director of Leadership at the Australian Academy of Nursing.

One thing that drives Elise is making a difference.

She knows what it takes to make these transitions count, how to find purpose and security in yourself, and how to set up your next successful career, whether it is within an organisation or outside of one. Find out more.

She continues to write, speak and mentor on self-empowerment and career transitions.

Executive coaching for high performing managers and executives

Start of raceMotivational leadership is the link between strategy and execution that ramps up workforce engagement.

Working with Elise, high performing managers and executives will define their leadership legacy, by distilling their own leadership essence and promoting it through projects that matter.

Cultural transformation

thumbs up crowdMediumLeadership and culture are inextricably linked ā€“ they are like some Escher creation where one is defined by the other. Leaders are the single most powerful influencing factor creating culture; and yet, cultures choose leaders. Leaders and the culture of organisations dictate how people behave, interact with each other and how they do their work. Both therefore determine the extent to which people are willing and able to operate autonomously as extra-ordinary individuals in powerful collaborations.

What Elise does: Elise provides expert advice and diagnostic support to reveal and transform organisational culture. She is an accredited Human Synergistics practitioner.

Personal Empowerment retreats and coaching

Man at sun riseLargeThe Recharge, Recalibrate and Regenerate Retreat is for anyone who is struggling to manage the daily demands of life and work, looking for inspiration, motivation and powerful and practical solutions to lead a more purposeful life. If you are wondering what you should do next in life, then this personal empowerment retreat and coaching program are perfect for you.

The Recharge, Recalibrate and Regenerate Retreat will provide the serene, nurturing and luxurious canvass to:

  • Distill your essential self
  • Design your best self and the life you need to allow you to live this self.
  • Prepare a life plan that will set you up to live your dream.
  • Develop the tools, strategies and inspiration to be your best self.
  • This is like your annual business planning session for your life.