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This book crystallizes the very elements of empowerment, lays bare your own level of self-empowerment and provides the practical and potent steps that you can take to become self-empowered and live your best self.


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Divine timing has sent these words on angel wings just as I needed them. Resonating within me now is “ The things I can’t control, I can let go. I feel that I am becoming absolutely liberated from the need for the perfect ending or result. I can allow life to unfold as it does without feeling disappointed”. Thank you Elise. My own insecurity of “letting go” has made my road tiresome. And I have just recently been realising ‘what is your happy ending Sarah?’ It is as simple as your words have pointed out.

Sarah Figgins

A book, an author and a message rarely align. Dr Sullivan is a courageous individual who herself lives the very message of this book.

Matt Church

Founder, Thought Leaders Global

Thank you for your conviction and for your example of what self belief looks like.

For me I’m gratefully and with courage pushing myself toward enormous change, yep I’m fearful, I have no idea what it looks like yet. What I do know however is that my life was no longer  congruent with who I thought I was and who I was presenting to the world. With this awareness I am compelled to change.

You have provided me with the hope that this path of change is possible, it’s purposeful and as it evolves I can have like minded persons in my world, people who can, because they believe they can.

Barbara Barter