Nearly 60% of frontline managers fail in their first 2 years

Nearly 60% of frontline managers fail in their first 2 years

Nearly 60% of frontline managers underperform during their first two years and this results in performance gaps, and employee turnover. And it doesn’t matter what industry they are in. But I know from personal experience that it is rife in the health industry. I remember my very first job. I was straight out of training and into a ‘charge nurse’ position. That’s what we were called back then. I barely knew how to care for patients and really nothing about how to look after teams. And from that day forward I was continually promoted to my highest levels of incompetence. And it is still happening.

Employees who perform well and are technically excellent are often promoted to manager. But without the right support this is demoralising and stressful for the manager, and can cost the organisation in many different ways. New managers are so busy trying to work out their new job that they don’t make time to learn effective management and leadership skills and strategies to do the job well while maintaining their own sense of self-efficacy. And so they get stuck at their level of performance. And in time they may well feel that to say they don’t know or to admit they need further development, is an admission of guilt – that they have somehow defrauded their employer. And the cycle continues. The reality is that great leaders never stop learning. But to get to that point they have to be supported to make the transition from great clinician to great manager.


The Australian Academy of Clinical Leadership delivers the Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51915) to nursing managers and potential leaders.  This Diploma was designed on the basis of feedback from the industry.  It provides the business skills, clinical leadership and empowering mindset to make your managers multipliers.

The team who delivers this program are nurses who have on the ground experience of leading and managing in health, community and aged care, leading small and large scale changes, managing businesses, people and programs.  This program is unique because it takes nurses through a nationally recognised Diploma, and applies it to their work context.  We focus on the issues they are facing as a manager, and develop solutions that work in practice, improve their organisation as they build their skills and confidence.

If you want to know more, or would like to design a program that is delivered at your organisation then get in touch with us. Send us an e-mail at  Click here for the brochure, and please feel free to forward this to anyone you know in this position.