Gwyganna – Detox 2015

Gwyganna – Detox 2015
I was just re-reading some journal entries that I recorded on my recent holidays – a great way to capture the essence and feeling of a lovely experience.  I will share some that I hope will make you feel good and inspired to do what you need to do to be the best you can be this year.
4 January 2015
If there is a better way to recalibrate at the start of a new year than a seven-day detox at Gwynganna, I don’t know what it is.
I have just done 10,000 steps walking a lovely gentle trail (stick in front, sweeping up spider webs – eek!), a soak and float in the tepid infinity pool, gazing up at clouds and a good old chin wag with my new friend Lin from Kew, Melbourne.
I have satisfied every need – physical, social connection and spiritual. I feel at peace as I listen to the sounds of the myriad birds, trill of cicadas, murmur of happy guests and soft lapping of the pool water against the pool edges.

These wellness retreats are an absolute investment in my view – every experience regenerates and inspires!