The Autonomous Collaboration Paradox

The Autonomous Collaboration Paradox
In today’s world, we are faced with changes and problems that require massive action – not incremental adjustments to the way we work.  But whatever your mission impossible, make no mistake you can push through with a team of autonomous individuals working collaboratively.

The Autonomous Collaboration Paradox draws together the conditions needed to enable individuals to operate at their highest levels in collaboration with others.  Like a fine Swiss timepiece, achieving autonomous collaboration requires the full integration and alignment of the individual, teams and organisation.
The Autonomous Collaboration Paradox - Elise Sullivan
The Autonomous Collaboration Paradox 

Organisations achieve greatest individual engagement by ensuring the individual’s roles and responsibilities tap into their passions and demand full use of their strengths.  The most productive, synergistic and creative teams emerged from genuinely collaborative interactions and supported by empowering organisational structures.  But to make the transformational shifts that are needed to thrive in this new world, individuals, teams and organisations must display enormous courage.  Today is not the day to be risk averse, and sit back hoping that things will settle down. They won’t; and they never will again.
The world cannot afford passengers; humanity cannot afford indecision; action is needed now. 
To unlock the power the Autonomous Collaboration:
1.    Be empowering.
2.    Practice enabling management.
3.    Establish empowering organisational structures.
4.    Foster collaborative interactions.