What’s Your Next step? Take the plunge by writing your own story.

What’s Your Next step? Take the plunge by writing your own story.
Take the Plunge
I was listening to Stephen Covey’s ‘The Third Alternative” in the car the other day, and was struck by the truth of the metaphor that our life is like a book: it has a beginning, a middle and an end.  
If you are reading this, you are probably in the middle of your story or may even be wondering what the ending will be like, especially as you reach the crescendo in your careers and start thinking about life after work – or at least life after this job.
While there is little we can do about the story so far – it is done and dusted, we do have the power to write the next chapters and put ourselves in the roles that we want to play.  
BUT it’s not that simple is it? 
You might not like the story at the moment, but feel that the payoff is worth it – your superannuation; accumulated sick leave and long service leave (let’s face it, at our age, we need this insurance right – just in case we get sick?)  
All adds up to a big reason not to leave.  Sort of like a ball and chain when you think of it.  
Imagine a life without these attachments – and without the need for them.  Imagine if you had the confidence and capacity to back yourself and take the plunge?  
Governments get smaller, budgets get tighter, economies shrink and organisationsbecome less and less secure – especially when your future depends on one boss!  It might be that you need to start thinking about spread the risk – taking on other forms of employment and income generation.  
You might be feeling this very insecurity right now and wondering, after many years in the same job, where you will end up.
Here is your chance to write the story you want to live. To help you think this through, ask yourself these questions:
1. What am I about – when I think about my whole life – what keeps coming up?
2. What do I know and am quite an expert in?
3. What might people pay for?
4. Who do I love working with?
5. How would I love to work and where?
The points at which all these questions intersect will give you a really good place to aim for when you take the plunge.  
I know you will think of making a major career transition – now or eventually.  When you are ready to Take the Plunge, give me a call.