Balance – It’s a Mindset

Balance – it is the Holy Grail of our 21 century life.  We have so much choice, so many possessions, so many things to do, so much work that we feel totally overwhelmed by it all.  If you think about it, it’s not a bad problem to have really.  But that is our problem.  we never stop and think about it; reflect on how much we have.  Or reflect on whether in fact we actually need it all – or need to do it all.  
The way I see it, our life is like a glass.  The stuff we put in it can either invigorate and nourish us, or it can drain us, leave us wanting more, or, worse, make us sick.  And for many of us, we are simply poring too much of the wrong stuff into our glass.  But what if balance was not so much what you did in your life and what you had, but how you thought?
What if the whole stress thing is just how you look at what you have in your life and the demands that are being placed on you?  What if you could design your best life and then just say no to everything that does not fit the picture?
I believe that we put the wrong things in our glass, we say yes when we should say no, we feel overwhelmed and stressed, because of how we habitually think: Whether we feel we can make a difference to our lives (internal locus of control) or whether we feel that we have no choice (external locus of control.  To take some control over the balance in your life, ask these questions:
  • How balanced is your life?
  • What would a balanced life look like to you?
  • What are you putting in your glass?
  • Is it what you want or not? Why?
  • What stops you from saying no to the bad stuff and yes to the good stuff?
  • Is it you or someone else?
If you are interested in nailing this whole balance thing, and working out what your balance mindset is, then contact me.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.