Accelerating The Transition From Clinician To Health Manager

Many clinicians will aspire to roles that involve some element of managerial responsibility. In order to plan a successful transition, it is important to first understand not only what motivates individuals to become a manager, but to also consider what sort of skills, attributes and competencies one needs to manage a team of 2 or 20 plus.
The ACHSM Health Leadership Symposium titled: Accelerating The Transition From Clinician To Health Manager, April 11th 2014, to be held at the Rydges on Swanston, will provide delegates the opportunity to hear individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to discuss and ‘unpack’ what the key priorities are for a successful ‘transitional phase’ from clinician to health manager.
The symposium will provide delegates the opportunity to:
  • Learn how others have ‘transitioned’ into management roles and the secrets to their success
  • Understand how competency development can act as a catalyst in an individual’s career  progression
  • Learn about the essential skills and attributes for health managers
  • Listen to real-life Mentor-Mentee relationships and the important role of a Mentorship
  • Meet other like-minded individuals that are keen to identify management strengths and understand weaknesses in order to progress in their careers
  • A fantastic professional development and networking opportunity
  • The transition from clinician to manager is not just about learning new technical skill such as finance or industrial relations; it’s a completely different mindset!
With two very different skill sets, two very different perceptions of roles, and a journey that can be best described as a ‘life changing career experience’ – how does one make that all important transition from clinician to a health manager?