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Elise works with people who want to advance their careers, their roles and their lives – to ramp up their impact and make a bigger imprint in their worlds. She helps individuals to find the courage to do whatever it takes to lead a purposeful life and make a difference. Read more.


Elise has an intimate understanding of the strategies needed to move on, make a change and re-engineer yourself, your team and your organisation. Having lead major changes at state and organisational levels, she is sought out as an advisor in organisations wanting to transform and turn around their fortunes.Read more.


Diploma of  Leadership & Management

The Australian Academy of Clinical Leadership delivers the Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51915) to nursing managers and potential leaders.  This Diploma was designed on the basis of feedback from the industry.  It provides the business skills, clinical leadership and empowering mindset to make your managers multipliers. The transition from nurse to nurse manager is challenging and the program helps or prepares them transition effectively.

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No theory-practice gap – accelerating management learning

According to the National Institute of Health in the US – there are 185,000 clinical trials every year. How do clinicians know their practice is based on current evidence?

The reality is that you can’t know everything – so knowing things is no longer enough. We need to know how to get information, evidence and then make sense of it.

That’s what makes it so important to create cultures where everyone’s contribution is valued and they are encouraged to continually review what they do know, continue learning and testing their assumptions. To foster this culture, we don’t have to have all answers – we need to ask great questions and find innovative solutions.