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Elise brings to stage the energy and inspiration to motivate people to want to push their boundaries. She speaks about empowerment, transition, productivity, motivation and leadership. Read more.


Elise works with people who want to advance their careers, their roles and their lives – to ramp up their impact and make a bigger imprint in their worlds. She helps individuals to find the courage to do whatever it takes to lead a purposeful life and make a difference. Read more.


Elise has an intimate understanding of the strategies needed to move on, make a change and re-engineer yourself, your team and your organisation. Having lead major changes at state and organisational levels, she is sought out as an advisor in organisations wanting to transform and turn around their fortunes.Read more.

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Welcome home, mum!

What a perfect way to start the year – 7 days detoxing at Gwynganna, situated in the hinterlands of South Queensland.  The weather was beautiful one day, perfect the next – well except for that torrential deluge that I got caught in whilst braving the elements between club rooms and spa (handwork this detoxing!).  Eyes clear, feeling strong, awake, energised and vital. And this is how I want to stay for the rest of this year so this is my gold standard. I don’t really care how much I weigh – it is not really the point.  The point is to feel great. Waiting at the Coolangatta Airport for my 4:30pm flight back to Melbourne I breath in the aroma of rancid fat and oil, the harried worried looks on the faces of those around me, dark ringed eyes – and these people are coming off holidays!  Watching as they put away sugar filled hamburgers – artefacts that will no doubt be dug up by our descendants hundreds of years from now – wholly preserved.  They won’t find me – I’ll be completely decomposed.  But my body and what I eat is not the legacy I want to leave anyway so I don’t care. Wake the next morning in my own bed – again feeling great (now I am getting annoying).  Into the kitchen and prepare a lovely, gluten free muesli, rice milk and fresh fruit – mmmmmm yumbo.  Sit down at my usual place at the table overlooking my bountiful veggie garden (well not yet very bountiful – but it will be – just telling the truth in... read more


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